Our Strategic Pillars

We always ensure that this vision is realized through relevant strategic pillars that inform our specific strategic goals, strategies and actions each year.  In the last strategic plan [2018 – 2022], we worked through five (5) strategic pillars, each with its own indicators, targets and interventions we implemented. The strategic pillars are:


Land and Security of Tenure

Entailes engaging local and central Government on issues relating to inclusive cities, land identification and negotiations especially with local authorities, negotiations for slum upgrading, and supporting savers so that they can acquire residential land on negotiated sites.

Youth Development

It seeks to grow the membership of youths in the ZYPF and as a strategy for the sustainability of the Alliance as the youths are future leaders and members of the Alliance. The interventions under this pillar included the mobilisation of new ZYPF members, support capacity building, skills and vocational training of the youths.

Sustainable Development

Creating long-term significant impact for all Alliance partners and their membership. Sustainability is also meant to enhance continuity for the Alliance hence our interventions included advocating for the support of solar street lights, supporting the installation of household solar lights, supporting the use of clean cookstoves, constructing water and sanitation units, exploring further alternative technologies, especially in the context of climate change and sustainable natural resources management, as well as increasing access to livelihood loans for ZIHOPFE, ZYPF and other savers.

Organised and Networked Communities

In order to create a common ground and common interest for Alliance members. This is where the Alliance derives its identity and legitimacy to operate. Interventions included mobilising membership, skills training (including for livelihoods), training to strengthen federation members and their respective communities, as well as exchange visits for purposes of learning and experience sharing.

Research, Documentation and Advocacy

Creating an existing and tangible trail of evidence and resources for all the work we do as an Alliance. The interventions included website redevelopment and use including by individual Alliance partners; video documentaries and newsletter for information dissemination, learning and evaluation; national LME reports and annual reports, youth training in documentation; documentation that can be used for our advocacy work in other strategic pillars or focus areas i.e. land and security of tenure, sustainable development, young people, community-led surveys, and the development of an advocacy strategy (in 2021).

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We, the Alliance of the Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation (ZIHOPFE), the Zimbabwe Young People’s Federation (ZYPF), and Dialogue on Shelter for the Homeless in Zimbabwe Trust (DOS) are a partnership between a social movement of the urban, rural poor and an NGO.

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