Connecting Sanitation infrastructure to Markets in Urban areas:Masvingo

Connecting Sanitation infrastructure to Markets in Urban areas:Masvingo

The largest market in Masvingo, Garikai market, now has a pay toilet thanks to the Alliance of Dialogue on Shelter For the Homeless Trust, Zimbabwe Homeless People's Federation, City of Masvingo, and Slum Dwellers International, City of Bilbao (Spain).

The Dialogue on Shelter Trust and the City of Masvingo provided technical help for the community-led building of the Pay toilet. There are 1189 formal stalls in the Garikai market. However, there were not enough restrooms for the traders at the Garikai/Chitima market, which is well-recognised for its fruit and vegetable selection. Some market vendors frequently turned to open defecation in the neighbouring Mucheke river prior to the intervention. This was a ticking time bomb of a health risk to cholera, dysentery, and other illnesses at the market. Additionally, the vendors at the fruit and vegetable market lacked showers so that farmers who may have come far to the market could freshen up. The market vendors lacked cloakrooms where they could store their produce safely during the day and at night. However, sanitation facilities for men and women as well as a cloakroom for traders were built with the construction of the Garikai Pay Toilet at the fruit and vegetable market. Due to this, there is now less open defecation along the Mucheke River. In general, this will stop the spread of typhoid, dysentery, and other contagious diseases like cholera. Plate 1 shows the Pay Toilet at Garikai Market.


We, the Alliance of the Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation (ZIHOPFE), the Zimbabwe Young People’s Federation (ZYPF), and Dialogue on Shelter for the Homeless in Zimbabwe Trust (DOS) are a partnership between a social movement of the urban, rural poor and an NGO.

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