Grassroot coalitions towards Climate Change Strategy: Crowbrough Harare

Grassroot coalitions towards Climate Change Strategy: Crowbrough Harare

The Zimbabwe Homeless Peoples' Federation and the Dialogue on Shelter Trust have joined forces to address the need for the organisation to develop a climate change response strategy. Representatives from the 12 regions of Zimbabwe attended the meeting. Young people, men, and women served as representatives.

The focus of the discussion was to integrate the ongoing development initiatives into the routine tasks of the local communities. The plan would therefore serve as a gauge for how human actions and endeavors impact and exacerbate the effects of climate change. The alliance's need for the development-oriented agenda to concentrate on climate change has been outlined in relation to how climate change cross-cuts our organizational pillars of Infrastructure Development Pillar, Institutional Development, Land and Tenure Security, Organised and Resilient Communities, Research Documentation and Advocacy, Youth Inclusion and Development and Climate Change Action and Disaster response. As we went about our daily development work, we were interested in how the alliance would adapt to or lessen the effects of climate change. Local communities lack the resources to take effective climate change mitigation measures. There are more extensive actions being taken by the grassroots to lessen vulnerabilities and boost resilience.

Plate 1 : Proceedings of the Climate Change Strategy workshop at Crowborough , Harare

We, the Alliance of the Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation (ZIHOPFE), the Zimbabwe Young People’s Federation (ZYPF), and Dialogue on Shelter for the Homeless in Zimbabwe Trust (DOS) are a partnership between a social movement of the urban, rural poor and an NGO.

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